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Personalized Approach

In Ontario electrical work must be performed by a company in possession of a master electrician license. Hiring a reputable master electrician operated company ensures your electrical project will be handled with care, attention to safety, and code requirements. Giving you the peace of mind and customer satisfaction you deserve.

Excellence and Professionalism 

You will love our work! We are perfectionists and will ensure your job is completed with the highest standards from start to finish. 

We have an eye for design and placement of lighting which will ensure your space will look great, be functional and meet your budget!

Insured and Guaranteed

We are Master electricians.

Fully licensed with the Electrical Safety Authority, fully insured and WSIB Coverage!

Meet The Team


John Cowan

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Owner, Master Electrician

John Cowan has lived in the Barrie area his entire life. At a young age he became interested in electricity and electronics. After taking all available electrical related courses at Barrie Central Collegiate, John went on to pursue an electrical apprentice position in the trade. As an apprentice electrician John gained hands on experience in the electrical field and attended the Georgian College Trades campus in Midland.

After completing the required apprenticeship hours John passed his 309A Certificate of Qualification with distinction becoming a licensed construction and maintenance electrician.

Working as a licensed Journeyman in the field for the required number of years John wrote his Master Electrician License and had the strong desire to open his own professional electrical company servicing Barrie and the surrounding area. 


Kirstie Cowan

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Marketing Manager

Kirstie Cowan, Johns wife, Is a full time freelance Graphic Designer with an advanced diploma from Georgian College. 


Worked as the lead designer for an Ontario medical supply office as well as freelancing on the side, it was an easy decision to start my own freelance company especially once we decided to have a family.

My current focus is on OEW to help grow and maintain the appearance through social media marketing and advertising, while also helping with any bookkeeping work.