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Commercial Electrical Services
in Barrie and Simcoe County

Indoor or outdoor, Commercial electrical services provided. Competitive rates, Quality materials and courteous service! 

Ontario Electric Works has the skills and tools to perform a wide array of electrical services for your business, from Interior wiring, Equipment Removal, Emergency lighting, Troubleshooting and much more!

Commercial Equipment Removal, Installation, Commissioning and Repair

Outdated, unused, or damaged electrical equipment taking up space in your commercial area? Would the equipment better serve your production needs if relocated or removed? Does your out of country equipment require commissioning to CSA and ESA specs for Canadian use? No matter your company needs or equipment condition OEW professionals have the knowledge and skill to have your business up and running promptly and efficiently.

Commercial Emergency Lighting

In an emergency when normal lighting goes out, it is important for businesses to have a backup plan. Exit and emergency lighting will allow you to get your customers and employees safely out of the building and harms way. Emergency lighting will stay illuminated allowing safe passage in hallways, stairwells and offices. Exit lighting will inform staff and customers of a quick way to proceed to safety. Ontario Electric Works offers complete installation, regular testing, and maintenance on all emergency and exit lighting which may be present in any public or private buildings.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

In business the last thing a company wants to deal with is an electrical problem. Not only a nuisance they can lead to a considerable amount of down time if not diagnosed and repaired quickly and safely.

- Equipment failure
- Damaged wiring
- Shorted wiring
- Improper or loose connections
- Service and panel wiring issues
- Outdated wiring and circuitry
- and more

Our master electricians are qualified and professionally trained to troubleshoot and repair your commercial electrical problems. Ensuring the job is done correctly with as little impact on your day to day operations as possible. 

New Installations

Planning the electrical layout and requirements of your new or existing location can be an overwhelming task. From service size and amperage requirements to branch circuitry and equipment needs OEW is here to make the process an enjoyable one. We work in conjunction with you or your contractor to ensure no detail is overlooked. Contact Ontario Electric Works and allow our professionals to help you reach your projects goals.

Commercial Electrical Permits and Inspections

 Whether your building is in the planning stages, newly constructed or erected over a century ago OEW can conduct a complete inspection of existing systems and their condition. These inspections allow the customer to have a better knowledge of what may need attention now and in the future. By dealing directly with the Electrical Safety Authority for permits and inspections OEW is able to provide its clients with the required insurance paperwork and peace of mind that you deserve.

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